Instructions and information for exhibitors

The Swedish Exhibition Centre | Gothia Towers

On this page you’ll find documents regarding rules for stand construction and regulations for fire, water and power connections.
You can also download our document for Positioning of electricity, wires, etc..

We use differentiated pricing. If your order is placed within the last three weeks before the exhibition, a 50% price surcharge will be added to the order. Note that orders placed within these three weeks are not guaranteed to be available. This does not include Food & Beverage, lunch vouchers or logistical services for your goods.

If you are looking for move in/out times and other information regarding your specific exhibition, please click here for further information.

If you bring along your own electronic equipment that is not grounded, you must print out and bring these documents for us to sign after onsite inspection of your equipment.

Test protocol – pdf Requirements electrical equipment


Electrics, wire


hanging points




hight, weight etc

Technical regulations


Terms & Conditions



insurance report

Bringing own

elect, equipment

theese rules apply